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Fluffy Goldendoodle 

Bella's mom sent this in to us:
I first met Patty at the Arvada Dog Country Grooming Shop, when she left in August we followed her, to Canines Canyon in Golden. Patty is amazing. We have a very fluffy F1b Goldendoodle with extremely thick fur. Every groomer before Patty would barely glance at our doodle and say without discussion that she would need to be shaved. We felt like other groomers said it before looking at her or feeling her just because it was the easiest way to get her in and out. This was until we met Patty! She appreciates our dog's naturally fluffy fur, really listens and is receptive to what we'd like as dog owners versus what's easiest. People stop us all of the time to give our dog compliments - compliments that belong to Patty. :-)

Patty recently moved to a grooming shop that's farther for me, but working with Patty is worth the drive!
Sincerely Sheryl Rhamani



Before and After Pictures of Sherman a Shitzu and Scarlet a Goldendoodle